Admission CRM

Admission CRM


As students are looking for a good career therefore, they want to join a course which can fulfill their dreams hence they have wide and vast range of enquiries which University/College has to cater.
It is important for your Sales representative to respond to the students queries on time and create a good relationship with the students. They cannot afford to miss the new enquiries by mishandling the new leads, lack of communication or improper follow-up with the students or their parents.
In order to manage such a large and important data manually in spreadsheet can be time consuming and there may be chance of missing out an important lead. Admission CRM plays an important role in order to overcome this challenge.
Focusing on prospective students and engage with them effectively on time whenever interact with them has become easy with Admission CRM. It will improve the enrolment rate, increase prospective student engagement and provide flawless cooperation within the teams. It enhances the Admission Counsellor’s productivity, timely follow-ups, minimizing the chance of missing the leads or enquiries regarding the admission, minimize the marketing cost and help in decision making.


The advantage of using an Admission CRM in University/College is to smoothen the process of registration, admission and retention. University/college can use the previous year cold leads to turn them into worm or hot leads.
Admission CRM will consolidate all the leads which are received from different sources like email, calls or online ads and helps University/college to follow up with the leads at the right time and engage with the interested students. It can reduce the response time to the student’s registration queries and speed up the enrolment process which will help to get better sales revenue.
With the help of Cyborg Admission CRM, the Admission team will get the insight of the complete student lifecycle. With our CRM the institute will be able to track each application, contact and communication. Our CRM follow E to E management i.e., Enquiry to Enrolment management


Cyborg CRM is integrated with IVR which will enhance the productivity of the admission team as they will be able to dial the prospects students and follow up with them on time. The phone number of the prospect student will not be visible to the counselor therefore the data will be secure. The same contact number will be reflected to every student irrespective of any counselor will make outbound call.

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