Library Management System

Library Management System

A library management system is software made specifically to control every aspect of a library. It aids librarians in maintaining a database of newly released books as well as books that members have borrowed and their due dates.

Library Management System Specialized software created to manage every aspect of a library is known as a library management system. It helps librarians to keep track of books that have just been published as well as books that others have borrowed and their due dates. Each and every activity in your library is fully automated by this system. Implementing a library management system software is the best approach to systematically maintain, arrange, and handle innumerable books. Records for libraries are kept up to date using a library management system. It records the quantity of books in the library, how many are borrowed, returned, or renewed, how many have late fees imposed, etc. With this system, all the data can be properly and efficiently maintained, and books can be quickly discovered, issued, or reissued. The objective of a library management system is to quickly and precisely provide information about any type of book, saving a significant amount of time and effort.

Integrated Library Management System

LibCyb enables fast and easy browsing of information resources, eliminates repetitive & time taking tasks and empowers librarians to offer new services for be tt e r utili z a tion of libr a ry r e sour c e s. LibCyb has comprehensive suite of modules with interactive platform that covers each and every aspect of library enabling expanded horizon for growth of everyone: Students, Teachers, Librarian, Administration and even parents. Easy to learn and easy to use LibCyb is perfectly suitable for best practiced standards including – MARC-21, UNIMARC, UKMARC, AACR2, DDC, UDC & colon classification, Cutter sanborn table, Z39.50 protocol, Consortium Databases, SDI, Union Catalogues, Co-operative Cataloguing

Administration & Settings

Book Accessioning

Member Registration


Barcode Generation

Book Acquisition


Stock Verification

Lost Book Recovery

Accession Register


Spine label Generation

Members Defaulter

Library Utilization

Book Bank Circulation

Members Locking

Fine Receiving

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