University ERP

University ERP

University ERP

Computerization and automation have made things easier for universities to manage student enrollment, fee collection, admissions, examination setup etc. Managing all the activities of the university efficiently and precisely is possible by using Cloud based university management system software/ Educational ERP.
Cyborg ERP system has more than 100 services which can be hosted easily to the university data center or on the cloud servers. Modules are designed in such a way that it covers all the dynamics of operation and can be customized according to the needs of the university. For the following reasons the University should implement the Cyborg ERP system.

  • Role-based login access for data security
  • User-friendly solution for ease of navigation
  • Seamless management of all in-house activities
  • Offline & online examination management
  • 24*7 onsite & online service support
  • Monitoring & accurate information analysis
  • Reduction of manpower and cost savings

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