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Cyborg ERP

Cyborg-ERP is the most Secure Educational ERP.

Academic Management

Cyborg ERP offers a comprehensive Academic Management System for educational institutions . The software is an all-in-one solution for managing academic tasks such as student registration, scheduling, attendance, grading, and reporting. It includes a user-friendly interface for students. This system is designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. The system also provides real-time analytics and reporting, helping administrators monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

Attendance Tracker

An Attendance Tracker in Cyborg ERP system is a module designed to monitor and manage the attendance of individuals in an organization . It tracks their presence, absence, or tardiness, offering features such as automated data entry, leave management, real-time tracking, alerts, integration with other ERP modules, reporting, and compliance support. This tool streamlines attendance monitoring, reduces administrative tasks, and ensures accurate records, improving management and decision-making.

Time Table Management System

This module enables users to schedule classes, allocate resources, create staff and student timetables, resolve conflicts automatically, make real-time updates, and access reports. Overall, it optimizes time allocation, minimizes conflicts, and enhances resource efficiency, making it a valuable tool for organizations and educational institutions.


Cyborg ERP System Provides Examination Management module that helps educational institutions and organizations efficiently plan and manage exams. It includes features for scheduling exams, enrolling students, arranging seating, managing exam papers, automating grading, monitoring exams, facilitating communication, generating reports, ensuring data security. Overall, it simplifies the exam process, enhancing efficiency, security, and accuracy.

Entrance Exam

The Management of entrance exams for prospective students is made more efficient by the “Entrance Exam” module develop by Cyborg ERP. Key features include exam creation, a question bank, candidate registration, admit card generation, scheduling, online exam support, result processing, counseling, reporting, and communication tools. To provide a fair and well-organized admissions procedure, this module streamlines the exam process, making it effective and convenient for both institutions and candidates.

Student Management System

Cyborg-ERP: The SMS (Student Management System) Module simplifies tasks pertaining to students in educational establishments. It covers scheduling, grading, attendance monitoring, student registration, course enrollment Section/Set/Group Assignment, and more. This system enhances administrative efficiency, communication, and record-keeping, benefiting both the organization and its students.


The “Grievance” module of the Cyborg-ERP system is crucial for handling grievances and problems inside an organization. Submission of grievances, classification for simpler processing, assignment to appropriate authorities, monitoring, communication tools, document management, feedback on resolutions, reporting, compliance, and data security are some of the important aspects. This module promotes transparency, accountability, and fairness by providing an organized process for addressing and resolving grievances.


Accounting, financial transactions, and budgeting are all handled by ERP solutions in higher education. They support the administration of various financial matters such as scholarships and tuition fees.


A Human Resource Management (HRM) module offered by Cyborg-ERP centralizes and streamlines HR tasks. It covers employee data, recruitment, performance evaluation, payroll, attendance tracking, training, compliance, and more. It enhances organization and efficiency in managing employees and ensures compliance with labor regulations.This module is a valuable tool for effective HR management.

Hostel Transport Management


Cyborg ERP manages library resources, track book loans, and provide access to digital resources, making it easier for students and staff to access information.Catalog, circulation, user, reservations, holds, digital resource, acquisitions, budgeting, interlibrary loans, reporting, analytics, search and discovery, alerts and reminders, security and access control, library space management, feedback and surveys are all included in this module. This module provides useful statistics for library development and decision-making while centralizing and streamlining library operations and improving user experience.

Learning Management System

An LMS streamlines training and education procedures, which makes it an invaluable resource for Education InstitutionsThis module facilitates the creation, management, and delivery of educational and training content within organizations and institutions. Key features include course management, enrollment, content delivery, progress tracking, assessments, communication tools, reporting, and support for certification and compliance tracking. .

Research and Development

 ERP systems centralize data from various departments and functions within an organization

Performance Monitor

The “Performance Monitor” module, which tracks and evaluates an organization’s performance, is an essential component of a Cyborb-ERP system. Key capabilities include goal-setting, trend analysis, real-time tracking, data aggregation, visual presentation, tracking of certain performance indicators, comparison evaluations, and in-depth data analysis.This component is essential for organizations to make data-driven decisions, enhance efficiency, and align their operations with strategic objectives, ultimately improving overall performance.

Payroll Management System

Cyborg ERP gauranteed a smooth and quick payroll procedure for Accurate and consistent employee payments . It keeps track of employee information, computes salaries based on many variables, handles tax deductions, links with attendance and leave monitoring, facilitates multiple payment options, automates the payroll process, and guarantees adherence to regulatory standards. This system manages year-end procedures, produces payslips, and provides employee self-service. It improves overall financial management by streamlining payroll tasks, reducing errors, and ensuring accurate and timely payments.


Cyborg ERP has created an IQAC module to enable self-evaluation, reporting, and compliance with accreditation requirements, thereby guaranteeing the provision of high-quality education and services. This will help to maintain and improve the quality standards. An IQAC system’s main functions include overseeing quality assurance procedures, managing quality-related data and documents, monitoring performance indicators, assisting with strategic planning, collecting survey responses, conducting internal audits, offering analytics and reporting tools, supporting accreditation procedures, benchmarking performance, and encouraging cooperation and communication.

College ERP

Cyborg ERP (College management system) is a cloud based educational ERP software that empower higher educational colleges and institutions to conduct online admission, student enrollment, online fee, student attendance, assignments, grades, library books, etc. It minimizes the efforts of faculty as it helps in generating the online results, marksheet, students’ performance reports etc. By doing the automation of student-faculty lifecycle and campus administration Cyborg ERP solution provides a one stop solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency and institutional outcomes. Our solution can be hosted on Campus as well as on Cloud which helps the educators to streamline all the core activities with the latest technologies such as biometrics, dashboard that generates accurate and dynamic reports.

In Cyborg ERP solution there are a different module which provides more than 100 services to cater all the needs of the staffs and students in a college. With more than 18+ years of experience in educational ERP domain Cyborg understands that for any college to function their administrative processes plausibly, needs a solution which can help them in the following ways.

  • Minimizing the manual work
  • Synchronizes the operation of all departments
  • Create receipts/ reports/ draft for all modules
  • Data is secured
  • Inexpensive Customization
  • Latest Web Technologies
  • Economical prices
  • 24X7 support (online and offline mode)

School ERP

School ERP Solution is a common platform which helps in managing the everyday academic and administrative activities in an effective manner. School ERP software handles all those tedious tasks which earlier had to be taken care manually by using of pen and paper. Cyborg ERP system has more than 100 services which can be hosted easily to the university data center or on the cloud servers. Modules are designed in such a way that it covers all the dynamics of operation and can be customized according to the needs of the university. For the following reasons the University should implement the Cyborg ERP system.

Cyborg School ERP software work as a central dashboard where all the stakeholders- principals, management, teachers, and parents can access any important information, anytime. By using this software, teachers can spend more time on teaching and student progress, parents can stay updated with their ward’s performance, the management can easily manage all the complex and time-taking administrative tasks and principals can monitor and manage every single action being performed inside and outside of the school premises. Cyborg ERP is integrated with videoconference, messaging plugins which helps the users to communicate easily.

Our solution can be hosted on Campus as well as on Cloud and supports many modern technologies such as online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, biometric, mobile apps, email alerts etc. School software solution is agile and can be customized according to the requirements of the institution.
Features of Cyborg School ERP Software
Cyborg ERP Software has many features which makes it a one stop solutions are multi-user functionality, easy to use interface, customizable modules and plugins. Data security and backup, cost and energy saving, SMS and email integration, online and on-site client support, free demonstration.

University ERP

Computerization and automation have made things easier for universities to manage student enrollment, fee collection, admissions, examination setup etc. Managing all the activities of the university efficiently and precisely is possible by using Cloud based university management system software/ Educational ERP.
Cyborg ERP system has more than 100 services which can be hosted easily to the university data center or on the cloud servers. Modules are designed in such a way that it covers all the dynamics of operation and can be customized according to the needs of the university. For the following reasons the University should implement the Cyborg ERP system.

  • Role-based login access for data security
  • User-friendly solution for ease of navigation
  • Seamless management of all in-house activities
  • Offline & online examination management
  • 24*7 onsite & online service support
  • Monitoring & accurate information analysis
  • Reduction of manpower and cost savings

Advantage of Cyborg ERP Software

Automation of all the activities and comfortless to manage the vast data becomes easy with the use of Cyborg ERP. Following are the benefits of using the Cyborg ERP Solution. Centralized Admissions The University ERP solution offers centralized online admissions to the students who have cleared the entrance examination on merit basis, students who may get privilege on the basis of government reservation policy. Students may get some benefit if he is from a particular region or a state. Analytical and Dynamic Reports The University administration software provides admin rights of an analytics dashboard to the stakeholders who help them to monitor accurate reports of the entire institutional activities and help the institution to take the smooth decision making. Choice Based Education System The Choice Based Education System is developed in compliance with the guidelines set by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for choice-based education to promote passion-driven learning and empower students with career-oriented skills.

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