Integrated Library Management

Integrated Library Management

In order to manage all the functions of a library we need integrated library management software. It helps in automation of all the library activities. This software can handle, maintain, and organize all the books in a library systematically.
All the records like number of books issued, number of books returned, renewed books, late fine charges, lost book etc. can be easily maintained by a library management system.


  • Easy to use system – Cyborg integrated library management is easy and simple to use for students and librarian. It provides the facility to store the data in offline and online mode. This system backups and updates the data automatically. This system is adaptable and flexible as according to the need of the educational institute.
    Simplification of librarian task – The librarian can maintain a vast range of books, journals, periodicals, video and audio pictorials and books with the help of this system.
  • Increased member involvement – Easily accessible at any time and from anywhere with the help of web-based library management system software.
  • Organized data management – It work efficiently if hosted from the cloud platform. It automatically managed the functions of indexing, cataloging, referencing and circulation of books, these data saved on the cloud for secure and reliable operations,
  • Minimize Time and effort – Need of manual entries are eliminated by using the automated library system software.
  • Automated reports – It automatically reports the performance of the library. In order to track and review the library functions it provides charts and graphs.
  • Cost effective – Only few staff with less paperwork needed for digital library. Operation costs and maintenance overheads are minimized.

Features of Library Management System Software

  •  Catalog management
  •  Membership management
  •  Circulation management
  •  Acquisition management
  •  Bar-coding
  •  Barcode scanning
  •  Search function
  •  Online access
  •  Self-management

 Fee management.The librarian can easily find any book, issue/reissue the book, and manage all the information regarding it using this software. To get the quick and accurate information regarding any book can be easily done using the library management system which save a lot of time and the effort.
Library management has introduced a latest technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which can identify books, people or assets wirelessly. It is a tag which is made up of microchip and has an integrated antenna. It is a combination of microchip technology and technology based on radio frequency. The accession number of the book is stored in the tag memory and the tag is attached to each book. The library management system software received the accession number from the RFID reader. The RFID library work efficiently as it has a set of devices like self-service kiosks, scanners at the circulation desk and in entrance and exit gates. The book which is not checked out can be detected by the software.

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